The History long-term exhibition depicts the history of the Czech lands from the 8th century until the First World War in a total of seven halls, and its cope and the number of collection items make it a unique museum project illustrating such a long period of time. The exhibition offers the opportunity to orientate oneself in Czech history and to understand not only the events as such, but also the overall context, and form a complete picture of our past.

PINK produced large-format videos in six of the exhibition rooms, which can completely immerse you in the atmosphere of the depicted events. You can experience, for example, the course of the Old Town Square execution of 1621 or find yourself in the middle of the battle of Kolín in 1757.

AUDIOVISUAL BY PINK & Loom on the Moon
SCRIPT Kateřina Šípková
ILLUSTRATIONS  Long Phi Trieu, Milan Martinec, Zdenka Holubová, Veronika Nemejovská
ANIMATIONS Petr Janák, Tomáš Holub
3D Vojtěch Pecka, Lukáš Seidl, Vojtěch Šálek
SOUND, MUSIC Lukáš Turza, Pavel Jan, Matouš Godík
EDITING Rolando Garduño, Tomáš Elšík
DOP Kryštof Melka
VOICEOVER Dana Černá, Hynek Chmelař, Jakub Gottwald, Petr Štěpán
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